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WATCH: Woman Recites Beyonce Songs as Dramatic Monologues

WATCH: Woman Recites Beyonce Songs as Dramatic Monologues

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Fans are hearing a different side to Beyonce's lyrics thanks to an unknown actress on YouTube named Nina Millin.  She's starting to go viral with a series of videos she posted, in which she performs the star's hits in the form of dramatic monologue.  

She's calling the series the "Beyoncelogues," and has been getting the most attention for her renditions of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable," "Mine" and "If I Were A Boy." 

In an interview with "Esquire" magazine, Millin says she thought of the idea after attempting to sing Beyonce at karaoke.  She couldn't hit the notes, so she decided to turn her famous lyrics into spoken dialogue so that she could "experience the drama" of her songs.   The actress says she's been surprised at the huge response from YouTube watchers, admitting she thinks she "misunderstood" just how "beloved Beyonce is." 

Check out the "Beyoncelogues" below!


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